The Research

Let's Find Better Solutions for Neuroblastoma

What We Fight:

Neuroblastoma: An aggressive form of cancer that randomly affects infants and children, usually under the age of 5. Learn more here.


Research for neuroblastoma is radically under-prioritized and underfunded, which is why it's up to us to find solutions. ​

Current treatments for Neuroblastoma are toxic, can have terrible short-term and long-term side-effects, and can even be deadly. This is not okay. We must change this.


The Research:

Emery's Memory Foundation does not conduct research. Instead, we are partnered with to find better treatments for Neuroblastoma. 

Beat NB is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to overcoming Neuroblastoma. Their research focuses on developing less harmful precision medicine, stopping relapse and measurably increasing survival.

100% of the funds we dedicate to research go to Beat NB's research consortium. Learn more about the program at Learn more about the research we fund here.


The Breakdown:

Clinically, here's what needs to change.

The Research

Beat NB (our research partner) has built a national team of research and clinical collaborators to ensure kids across the US have access to better therapies, and created a consortium of children’s hospitals across the US to do so, through the Beat Childhood Cancer consortium (45+ in total).

Harsh Treatments

Current Neuroblastoma treatments include brutal, harsh therapies that are often ineffective and ravage patients.

Beat NB is working on a treatment program that uses targeted therapy, oral drugs, and has low side effects. This program targets preventing relapse and treating relapse without using harsh therapies.

the side effects

Ridding kids of cancer is only one part of saving them. We must also maintain fertility, cognitive capacity
and organ function for another 7 decades of life. 

100% To Research

When Emery's Memory Foundation donates funds to "research" we mean it.


BeatNB has agreed 100% of funds donated by Emery's Memory Foundation will go directly to their research program. Not overhead, not marketing. Just research.


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We Will Change This


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