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152.98 miles

November 9 - 13, 2020 | Gatchellville, PA to Cape Henlopen, DE

In Honor of Axton Norman and Aidan Rawls

Meet axton

Axton was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and at diagnosis it had already spread to all of his bones including his bone marrow. He is 3 years old and completed his induction therapy which included mibg treatment between round 3 and 4 of chemo and surgery to remove the primary tumor off of his adrenal gland. Now he is in his 1st of 2 stem cell transplants. He is currently being treated at Cooks children in Texas.


His mom describes him as a very active and vibrant little boy! His smile lights up the room and he is too smart for his own good!  Everyone that meets him(even before this) falls in love with him. He is their sour patch kid for sure!


Axton is a fighter and his family is praying that the MIBG in the frontline will be a success story for their boy. Axton has a sister who is one of his biggest supporters. He loves power rangers, superhero’s, playing games and sword fighting. You can follow his story at Axton’s Army #hulksmashcancer


Meet Aidan

On September 15, 2017 I decided to take aidan to the emergency room on a hunch something was wrong. He had been feeling sick the week before and had a limp although that went away the sick feelings never did. He was not himself at all. He was actually telling me he was tired and wanted to sleep. If anyone knows aidan, he doesn’t sleep! Lol so that was alarming. Fast forward 3 days and demanding we figure out why he wasn’t eating they did a stomach ultra sound and a parents worst nightmare came true. I literally felt like I was in a movie, except this was real life. I was heading out to get lunch and when the doctor asked if it would be long I knew right then it wasn’t good. I told her I could wait and she said “I’m just waiting for someone and we would like to come in and talk”. That was it. I ran in the room, looked at my husband and said “this isn’t good.” He was mad because of course I’m being negative but unfortunately I was right. 

The doctor sat down and gave the devastating news, “we found a large tumor on his adrenal gland and we are pretty confidant its neuroblastoma.” The rest is a blur from there. After many tests they came back with the staging and Aidan has Stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma. It is (was) all through his bone marrow, tumor on adrenal, mass on the dura of the brain and lesions all over his bones and spine. He lost 1in of height and has 3 broken vertebrae. 

We have completed  5 rounds of chemotherapy 4 rounds of chemotherapy mixed with immunotherapy, one major tumor resection surgery. Aidan’s cancer still wasn’t clearing so we decided to transfer care to Sloan in New York City. Here we have completed 6 rounds out 7 Immunotherapy treatments and completed 14 sessions of radiation. 

September 28,2018 Aidan had his first clear scans with no evidence of disease. 

Fast forward to 3 months later, December 28, 2018 they said Aidan had relapsed. I did not believe to be true based on scans I had read and i took it in my own hands and went to Michigan for a second opinion. February 14,2019 Aidan was yet again declared  “no evidence of active disease”. He was able to begin a 2 year trial that helps keep the cancer away. He will also be taking another agent with it, a chemo pill or an inhibitor.



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emery inspired a rebellion

She was small but she was fierce.

Emery was only 2 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer, not just cancer but Stage 4 Neuroblastoma with the odds stacked against her from day one. 

She fought more bravely than any child ever should, but the available treatments failed her. 

Now we fight back. This foundation was created to save and support kids with Neuroblastoma - in memory of Emery. 

We must change this.


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