Segment 3

167.73 Miles

July 20-25, 2020 | Kingman, AZ to Grand Canyon, AZ

In Memory of Natalie Willard

Meet Natalie

Natalie is 5 years old, she was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma when she was 2 years old, February 2016. She was a healthy, happy baby with no signs or symptoms of cancer before diagnosis. Three days before she was diagnosed she had a low grade fever and the night before diagnosis a bad belly ache. She did five rounds of chemotherapy at Phoenix children’s hospital, then transferred to memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. She went through a 12 hour surgery to remove her tumor, she struggled with recovery and had to have an additional 6 hour spine surgery because the epidural coils breaking off in her spine.


She received the 6th round of chemo, radiation, accutane and antibody treatment at Sloan, then moved onto a year of their vaccine trial to help prevent relapse. She completed the vaccine the end of March 2018. She was doing great and enjoying being a “normal” kid. June 2018 she stopped eating and was moaning in her sleep, we had emergency scans and found out Natalie had relapsed in multiple areas. 

We flew to New York, where we stayed up until October 2018 doing 4 rounds of high dose chemotherapy and one round of low dose chemotherapy with humanized Antibody, Natalie progressed through treatment. 

In November 2018 Natalie started being seen in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Helen Devos Childrens hospital. She has had detailed tests done on her tumor to help us know what she will and won’t respond to. Since January she has had an additional 3 rounds of chemotherapy and new drug inhibitors have been added in for her tumor. The plan as of now we will be in Michigan until July getting three more rounds of this regimen, as long as she keeps responding. Natalie is such a fun, full of life littler girl! She is sassy, loves to laugh and has soooo much love to share.


Natalie passed away in the early morning hours on June 9th, 2019. We will never forget her and will continue fighting for her and all the other children fighting big battles and those who are now angels. This segment will now be in her memory.



The Kipp Family

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emery inspired a rebellion

She was small but she was fierce.

Emery was only 2 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer, not just cancer but Stage 4 Neuroblastoma with the odds stacked against her from day one. 

She fought more bravely than any child ever should, but the available treatments failed her. 

Now we fight back. This foundation was created to save and support kids with Neuroblastoma - in memory of Emery. 

We must change this.


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