Segment 9

167.98 miles

August 31 - September 5, 2020 | Idalia, CO to Glade, KS

In Honor of Nori West

Meet Nori

Norah was diagnosed in November 2015 at 2.5 years old with stage 4, high risk, metastatic Neuroblastoma. A lot of big words for such a tiny little girl. She has been fighting bravely and through all her difficult treatments, she has never lost her sense of humor or her beautiful singing voice. Norah had 2 major surgeries, 5 rounds of chemotherapy, 11 rounds of immunotherapy treatment, 24 rounds of radiation and was on the Neuroblastoma vaccine treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center when we found out in November 2017 she had relapsed. She bravely endured two more rounds of chemo, 10 rounds of radiation and 10 rounds of a combination treatment of hu3f8 antibody and chemo treatment at MSKCC. Soon she will be on the Neuroblastoma vaccine once again and we pray that it heals her body once and for all!


Nori has had countless blood and platelet transfusions, hospital inpatient stays and fevers. Over the last 36 months of treatment, Nori has been inpatient or had clinic visits over 375 days. 

Today, Norah is 5 years old and loves all animals especially cats, flamingos and dogs. She loves Disney movies, singing, shopkins, Barbie dolls, swimming, going to the zoo and playing outside.

We love her goofy personality, her hugs and kisses, her laugh and her courage! We continue #bravelyonward!



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  • Heather Campbell
  • John Call
  • Michael Walsh
  • John Call
  • E William Wilto


emery inspired a rebellion

She was small but she was fierce.

Emery was only 2 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer, not just cancer but Stage 4 Neuroblastoma with the odds stacked against her from day one. 

She fought more bravely than any child ever should, but the available treatments failed her. 

Now we fight back. This foundation was created to save and support kids with Neuroblastoma - in memory of Emery. 

We must change this.


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