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About Us

Who We Are:

Emery's Memory Foundation is made up of Emery's family members. Emery's mom, Jenna who is the creator of Emery's Memory Foundation and both of Emery's Memas (Grandmas), Serena and Missy. 

Our mission is to spread awareness for childhood cancer, provide funding for research and families and keep Emery's memory alive.

Who We Are
The Plan

The Plan:


Find Better Medicine


Provide Aid To Kids & Families


Raise Awareness

Our Team:

Our Team
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Jenna (Emery's Mommy)

Founder & Director

Jenna saw how many people Emery inspired in her short three years and decided she had to keep inspiring and helping others in honor of her beautiful little girl.


Emery was often referred to as Jenna's mini me. Even though the pain from the loss of her daughter is heart-breaking, being able to be apart of Emery's Memory Foundation helps ease that pain a little.


Jenna's main goal is to help other families with children that have been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.


She will forever be Emery's mommy.


Team Emery Forever.

Emery And Grandma

Missy (Emery's Mema)

Co-Founder &Treasurer

Missy has been a big part of Emery's life from the beginning and is now a big part of keeping her memory alive.


Some of her favorite memories with Emery is our family beach vacation, zoo trips, steak and sauce, favorite paw patrols and being crazy in Emery's bounce house she got for her 3rd birthday.


Missy's goals are to raise more awareness for childhood cancer, specifically Neuroblastoma and to create a legacy for Emery that will always be remembered. Missy wants Emery to be remembered as the amazingly brave, sweet and sassy little girl that she was.


Team Emery Forever.

Emery and Mema

Serena (Emery's Mema)

Co-Founder & Secretary

Serena's love for Emery knows no bounds and she is also a huge part in keeping Emery's memory alive.


Some of her favorite memories are reading books and playing cars together in Emery's playroom, doing check ups on Emery's and Mema's dogs, fun trips to the park, car rides for white ice cream cones and donuts.


Serena's main goals are to keep Emery's memory alive by raising awareness for childhood cancer and supporting the families who are currently fighting.


Serena will always love Emery to the moon and back.


Team Emery Forever.

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