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What We do

Emery's Memory Foundation was created to save & support kids with Neuroblastoma - in memory of Emery.


We fund research, support kids in treatment and raise awareness about Neuroblastoma.

What We Do

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Emery's Memory Foundation
P.O. Box, 1031

Belton, Missouri

64012, United States

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Emery's Memory Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created in memory of Emery Smith, a fierce 3-year-old girl taken by Neuroblastoma in 2017. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive form of childhood cancer that affects 800 new kids in the U.S. every year. Emery's Memory Foundation works to save & support kids with Neuroblastoma. They fund research for less harmful and more effective treatments, support kids and families fighting Neuroblastoma and raise awareness about this form of childhood cancer. To learn more or get involved, visit their website at

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